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Way To Go! inc. is a boutique consulting firm, where we customize our offerings to meet your unique challenges, circumstances and culture.

Signature Offerings

Leader as Coach Mastery Program:  A proven approach to build leaders’ ability to create a culture of accountability, respect and inspiration while growing the capacity of the team to handle their own problems so that leaders can focus more on the bigger picture.  “This is the first evaluation where I’ve ever marked all excellent! This was really outstanding.”   "Best in class!" Click here for a Level 3/4 Evaluation.  Click here to download a brochure.


Team Survival Intensive:  A unique approach to optimizing team performance based on personal mastery.  Particularly relevant to high pressure, high stakes, high visibility environments.  "It allowed me to face my challenges and be more assertive."  "It increased my self awareness and how I can contribute solutions to the problem."  Click for a pdf file with more details.

Charting Your Path: From Vision to Impact:  A Three Part Series for Leaders to clarify and connect with your own personal/professional vision and life purpose. Designed to energize you toward action and accomplishment.


Individual:  The most effective form of training to take leaders to the next level.  
Team/Group:  Enhancing overall team performance as well as individual performance.
Personal Mastery Circle:  The best of coaching and tailored training combined into one.

"Cynthia was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and land a job in the Senior Executive Service."  - SES Candidate, HHS

"I came into the program discouraged about my future with the government, burnt out and perceived as an autocratic leader.  The coaching I received from Cynthia resulted in a renewed passion for work, changed behavior and attitudes, and has inspired me to want to improve even more.  I graduated from the program grounded in and perceived as a values-driven leader.  In fact, I was personally requested to serve as Chief of Staff of the Forest Service and Special Assistant to the Undersecretary because of the skills I had strengthened in teamwork, collaboration and coaching.  And perhaps most importantly, Cynthia helped me bring balance into my life and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices." - SES Candidate, USDA Forest Service


Vision & Strategic Planning:  An approach to visioning and strategic planning that not only creates an actionable plan at the tactical level, but that engages stakeholders and strengthens morale in the process.

Retreats:  Way To Go works with you to provide a customized approach to meet your leadership and team retreat needs, with a focus on results in a relaxed, rejuvenating setting.

Meetings/Conferences:  Enhance your key meetings and conferences by using skilled facilitators to open up frank and constructive dialogue.

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Your Tailored Training goes here!  Past examples include:

Small Changes for Big Impact: Applied Systems Thinking: Takes systems thinking and makes it easy to understand, accessible, and directly applicable to organizational life. Learn where the leverage for change is in your organization.  Great alternative to team building for technical teams.

"Systems Thinking brought levity to the situation. We were able to deal with it in more of a non-blaming way, looking at things from a systems perspective. Despite the stress and anxiety people were feeling, we worked through the issues while maintaining our cool!"

Organizational Politics: Redefines the word “politics” and learn how to be more effective and strategic.

Leading Successfully in Permanent White Water: Learn to accept the reality of permanent complexity and change and create personal strategies for leading in your own “white water.”

Conversations & Confrontations: Gain new awareness and strategies for delivering a message clearly and succinctly while getting your point across, communicating in a way that facilitates rich and open dialogue and skillfully responding to conflict.

"When problems come up, we work more effectively as a team. Communication has improved across different teams.  We’re very aware of creating a win/win among our users and our teams so that we all can win."

Read about one of our customized solutions in a published article “Systems Thinking as a Team Building Approach,” [PDF Download] The Systems Thinker, Volume 19, No. 8, Oct 2008.  Co-authored with client, Jon McKeeby, CIO at the National Institutes of Health.